The hour has struck
The fireworks have burst
Compliments have been dealt out,
Yes,the New Year’s In !

The New Year, all fresh, all new,
The calendar’s changed, and we begin anew
Last year is all done and past
For the changes of time no change can last

Learn from the mistakes but forget the pain
And let your spirits soar again
Redecorate your walls, Erase the stains,
Let not those trials go in vain

Let only good thoughts hold sway
Making good of every new day
Make not ungainly haste nor unnecessary delay
Respect the past,Anticipate the future,
But importantly, live Today !!

So lets issue forth,pure of heart, strong of will,
To marvels build and to farmlands till
Lets set an example for our future kin
Rejoice for the New Year’s in !!

This one was for the New Year ….