This is the second part of three-article blog post I had planned to cover what I learnt at the MIT Media Labs Design and Innovation workshop at COEP,Pune in January 2011.
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Caught your attention ? Good. Simply put, Innovation is a different way of doing things, finding a new way out. Why is this necessary ? An old saying summarizes this very nicely : If you keep on doing the same things, taking the same actions and thinking the same thoughts, you are going to get the same results that you’ve been getting.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said innovation is what has kept the world going. Innovation is what keeps on saving the world from grave problems. Innovation is what keeps on pushing man to strive harder and think smarter for “just a little bit more”, “just a little better”. Innovation is what open new paths, spurs new ideas. Innovation, for many, is what earns people their bread.

If you are wondering if innovation is *really* important to you.
It is important if you are an entrepreneur trying to enter a market.
It is important if you are an academician trying to make a discovery.
It is important if you are an investor, because an innovation is what is going to multiply your money a lot more than a “safe bet”
It is *also* important if you are a *consumer*, because innovation is what makes things simpler,cheaper and convenient for you.

So now that I’ve suitable stressed on the importance and need for innovation, I will leave you go through the presentation below about *how* to innovate. Prof. Ramesh Raskar is a part of the Camera Culture Group at MIT Media Labs, and I was lucky enough to have him explain his presentation below over web conference. Here’s the presentation :

[slideshare id=3725122&w=510&h=426&sc=no]

It would be presumptuous to have a “last word” after something as great as Dr. Raskar’s presentation, but I do it solely to wrap things up.

Change triggers innovation. Innovation triggers change.

Innovation,whether out of necessity or genius, has equal impact. Whatever be your motivations, go out there and innovate.