Today will be a special day…


Today, such a special day
And a special year ahead
What a jolly day this
And an enterprising year ahead

I’ve got gallons of spirit to share
Plenty to share and still be left with plenty to spare
Spirit to loosen your brow,shed away your worries and care
Spirit to shrug away your losses and spirit to cheerfully bear
Spirit to fall lighter and bounce higher,
Spirit to roll on, spirit never to tire
Oh yes,the spirit is totally in me
The spirit, I am in it

This year,I’ve got a plethora of dreams
Some lofty destinations to meet, and some fanciful whims
To reach peaks higher than I’ve ever scaled
Courageously face fate,when others have quailed
To take on the world,make it all mine
To make life all beautiful and fine
Fond dreams,sharp wits and wilful heart guide me on my quest
Helping me to swiftly move ahead,they help me pass every test

Today will be a special day
And the beginning of a special year ahead
Such a bright and sunny day
Nothing could be more perfect
What a jolly day this
And an enterprising year ahead