You’re surely going down…


What is this strange satisfaction for,
The smirk,all this jubiliation for ?
All this joy,for a meaningless victory,
So much glee over my minuscule misery
You’re surely going down

You’ve plotted and planned
Meticulously,no doubt,
To bring me down,to bring my end
But great men are made of tougher stuff
You’ll learn before its the end

You can fool around,fear me no bit
Make all the mistakes,underestimate my wits
For I am going to bide my time,wait for my chance
Wait before I dance the destroyer’s dance
And then you’re surely going down

My vengeance I’ll have
Sweetened by time
Like a barrel of the oldest wine
I grudge you not for harming me, no indeed
I grudge you for your shamefully shameless deed
That you struck unwarranted, in the heart of trust
You dealt a noble gesture,With a savage thrust…
How I wish you hadn’t done that !!
How I wish you hadn’t made me do this !!
But theres only one thing I know now
You should say you prayers, you should go now..
There’s no way,no one can save you now…
And I’ve made sure you’re going down
You’re surely going down…

This one’s for vengeance…hehahahaha