Here’s one to hard work….

A tiring day, A stressful week
A fatigued mind,but determination still at its peak
The eyelids are drooping,from lack of sleep
The red of the eye is only superficial,the will runs deep
Its not a small price to pay,
But then,success never came cheap

Rest bids him goodbye with the pink of dawn
And finds sight of him late,when sun has long set and far
Challenges never let him be
They bind him with chains,
Him struggling to break free
Him struggling to achieve sweet fruits of labour
Fruits for him never really hung from any other tree

Choice of rest or labour,never sees him in turmoil
He forgets what was peace,in his arduous toil
His vision is fixed on the road to come,but far ahead he
For his mind defines his future,that will be
He shall not stray,for he makes his way
He hopes not false hopes,he only waits
For he is sure that tomorrow will be his golden day
Sure that he will walk proudly through Golden Gates

Here’s one for hard work !!