HSC Board Bloopers

HSC Board Bloopers

The HSC Board’s famous for committing bloopers. And I couldn’t help but notice some of them during the ongoing HSC Board Exams.

1 . The Board officials do not inspect the quality of the answer sheets it distributes to the students or so it would seem.There are at least five “defective” answer sheets among every 20—almost 25 % . Most of these answer sheets either have torn pages inside the pages are missing altogether. In one exam, the teacher had to call for new answer sheets twice,because she had finished all the extra answer sheets exchanging them with the defective ones.

2. This one is at least a “proper” mistake. The Chemistry 1 paper on the 5Th had a question to find the time taken by a radio element to “reduce 25% of its initial activity”. There is obviously a preposition missing after reduce, making it a ambiguous. It can either be “reduce to 25%” or “reduce by 25%” both of which give very different answers.
I wonder if those who set the paper have realised this.

Will post more bloopers if and when there are any.

Edit :

I knew there would be more…

3. The Software paper , this time. Students are supposed to write the output for a given HTML code. Now the catch : if an HTML code is faulty, it does not give an error, but nor does it give expected output. The code given was faulty and had ‘/’ instead of ‘1’ and vice versa. Now, the mystery : was the mistake intentional or was it a mistake ? What should the student do ? Write the output for the correct code, or for the faulty code?

Apart from having to decide on a solution to this mystery, there was one more blooper :
Which examination in the world has the same question asked in the same paper TWICE ???

The easy way out of this would be to give free marks to those who attempted …But then aren’t they bringing the quality of education down ? As it is, HSC students are at a grievous disadvantages in terms of knowledge as compared to their ICSE and CBSE counterparts. And on top of this, the papers are so easy that students would actually feel that they should not have studied for the exam..!!!

The Board’s making all the wrong moves…and all in the wrong direction….