Shame on the AIEEE officials

Today’s the 24th of April and there are only two days remaining for AIEEE 2008 , and the confusion about the out-of-the-way centres alloted to the Maharashtra candidates has still not been sorted out. Despite having a meeting in person with the DTE officials, who so painstakingly collected the grievances of the students and represented them, and having assured them that the final decision would be communicated to the officials, the AIEEE board officials have not even responded stating whether their grievances have been redressed or not . As a results, hundreds of candidates have been left in the lurch . They still do not know whether their centres have been changed or not and now its too late to make arrangements to travel to Bhopal to appear for the exam.

Also, the apathy of the managing officials is evident from one more fact :

The AIEEE admit cards which were supposed to be dispatched till the 30th of March, were actually dispatched much later . Mine has a date stamp of 7th April of the Delhi Post office.
I applied for a duplicate admit card on the 15th, after waiting for five whole days, and received the original admit card 4 whole hours after I had dispatched the application for the duplictae Admit Card. Besides the waste of money, the disgusting fact is that I have still not received my duplicate admit card. They charge Rs 50 for a duplicate admit card, and and additional Rs 30 for postal charges. I wonder what they are charging that for….

The AIEEE must be the worst exam I have applied for :

No correspondence, nobody receives the phone calls (the phones lines are perpetually busy), they are too lazy to dispatch admit cards, they are even more lazier to dispatch duplicate admit cards, and they don’t give consideration to the hardships students face..and this in a position where the future is in their hands…. this is definitely shameful….

One would think they enjoy doing this…

Shame on the AIEEE commitee for messing around with our futures ….

(I wonder if they’ll ever read this…)