The Great Indian Retail Loot : People,Wake up !!

My exams just ended on the 8th, so with lots of time and nothing much to do, I decided to get myself a Memory Card and a handsfree for my cellphone. Well, I was recommended to check out Fort Market as I could get it there , cheap and reliable (or so I was told…).

Well, I visited a mobile gallery there and asked for a 2GB Sandisk Memory Card. The salesman there showed me one. Checking it out, I noticed the price tag : Rs.4000 !! Way too much !! So, being a dutiful Indian, I asked him what the price was …. And I was pleasantly surprised when the salesman told me Rs.1450 …And Rs. 400 for a handsfree….

Well, If this guy could take off Rs 2550 from the MRP, I thought someone could maybe take off a bit more. So, I set about awandering, and I came to an outlet of “The Mobile Store” opposite V.T.
I went in and asked about the card, and I am told it would set me back by Rs.1450, but they didn’t have it(they would get it for me, apparently!!).

So I wandered on, and in due course reached the notorious* Manish Market.

There, I casually asked for a 2Gb card for a Sony Ericsson, and I was promptly told it would cost me Rs 450 !! Rs 450 !! Thats 1000 less than the retail store and almost 10 % of the MRP !!
Not able to believe it, I asked to see it and yes,it was the original thing…I tested it, it worked fine..I asked for a guarantee and the owner proudly said he would replace it if anything went wrong within a year ! Still unconvinced, I asked for the price for a handsfree, and he offered it to me for just Rs. 150 !!

People, its high time we wake up !! There is no restriction on the price of electronic goods at all. Retailers charge whatever price they like. What does it mean when you can get stuff at ONE-TENTH the MRP ??!!! MRP is the Maximum Retail Price, not the minimum. A consumer has every right to bargain even on the MRP, the Supreme Court of India has ruled. Big brands are just looting money from consumers, selling “BRANDED” stuff …

I request all of you to be wise before purchasing from big stores or even small ones, especially stuff like electronics, designer clothes,even food….There is a very good chance you’ll get the same stuff, same quality at a very reasonable price.

Please spread the message.

Remember, “Consumer is king”.

(Summer Series – 1)