A Techno gone by…

I am in my Third Semester now, with term already over and semester exams scheduled to begin tomorrow.
Work for Technovanza, the college technical fest, has started a while ago, but is yet to pick up speed..
The study leave, as always, continues to be conducive to the creative cells, with every conceivable wacky pointless pursuit being pursued.
I wait for the Techno ahead of me, and I remember some sweet old times of Techno past.

I remember…

Looking forward for work to begin all throughout the exams, and feeling all pumped up the day the exams get over, all ready to do something cool for Techno.

Wearing the Techno t-shirt every third day in the vacation, and not at all during Techno, all to impress the visitors.

Leaving early for college in the morning throughout the winter break, coming back home for a nap in the noon and leaving for college again in the evening only to stay the night in college, and the irritation with which Mom used to ask, “Are you even coming back home tonight ?”

Running around doing everything with nothing happening, and finally those truly sweet few moments of pride when stuff finally works.

Going to “down” sugar-cane juice after getting bored with the work at hand

Getting all those “Gujju” home-made dabbas when spending the night at college, especially the “chakli”, and having more than half of it eaten by others. And some people complaining right after eating those about my “Gujjuness” in bringing so many dabbas.

Roaming the college at 2 in the night without being questioned, and exalting in the calmness of the Quad from the third floor at night,and everything else for that matter.

Running away after a window opens when a friend is snapping pictures and being quite pleased about it.

The “Curse of the Blank Notepad” haunting me whenever I had to prepare a formal document related to a project. What’s on your mind is NEVER what you can put on that file. What you can put on that file never crosses your mind.

Sweet December and January, with lazy sleepy mornings, the after-effects of the previous night spent listening to heavy metal while trying to figure out how to make the project work.

Feeling really happy when someone finally agreed to sponsor something, and arguing over who gets to go and collect the cheque, compared to the strong reluctance to go and visit the companies for the first time.

Asking every day of January whether lectures happened when you were out to a meeting,and then laughing immediately afterwards,saying you wouldn’t have gone anyway.

The three days of Techno passing by ever so quickly.

At the end of it all, ruing the fact that I couldn’t see everything because of the event I participated in, and how I got so few food coupons as compared to others, or how I could have possibly missed the supposedly “cute” reporter that came in half an hour ago.Also, its always funny that the professors who actually taught me always arrived when I was on lunch break.There went my chances of impressing them.

The “Box fight” and the demolition that took place immediately after Techno was over.

Going to the stage to receive the “Best Exhibit” award because the senior team members weren’t there in the Quad.

Culture and arts are all fine and dandy, but the last night of Techno is reserved for all who cared to make it happen and all those who cared enough to stay back to tribal dance their hearts out. Ahh..what a dance …

The Techno dinner with the awesome chocolate cake and the special (and more tasty) Jain food, especially for Jains like me.

I remember the last day of Techno being one of the best days ever.

I remember waiting impatiently for the days of the next Techno to come near.

I now have one more Techno ahead of me, and sweet memories behind…

Life has been good.