Yeah, I know I haven’t posted in a while. But this is not a revival. This is just a random post. Maybe there will me more soon.
Today’s random thing I am going to talk about : Change.
Wikipedia defines change as : The process of becoming different. Aptly put.
So, going by the Wikipedia stub, I could talk about Calculus (mathematical rate of change), or Biology (metamorphosis), but I will talk about no such thing, partly because they aren’t interesting blog topics and partly because I am ill equipped to discuss them anyhow.
So, I am driving at social change. Again, Wikipedia talks about social change as :
change in social structure, relationships, yada yada yada. I don’t think this blog post is discussing that, but I’ll find out by the time I finish this post.
What makes me talk about social change is the (almost) complete lack of thought on this issue. Who thinks of change ? Why think of change ? Chalta hai. Jugaad karo and be done with it. After all, India is a jugaad country..we Indians are famous for “making things work”.
Well, that is taking a completely wrong meaning of “jugaad”. But jugaad later.Change.
We take change as a corrective measure; something to be done to rectify something which happened. But that means we sink to apathy as long as things aren’t “that bad”. Why don’t we view change as a means of getting something better than we have ? We take vacations as a change from work; we change jobs as a change from stagnation. Do we ever change our light bulbs because they are not energy efficient ? Do we do anything about apathetic public bodies or sub standard services ? No. Even if we see it affecting others around us. Not unless it affects us directly.

Elders tell us we think of changing so many things because we are “hot blooded and young”, and we take their word for it and “calm down”. Why ? Why don’t we try ? Hasn’t someone said that we would never know how well we can do unless we tried ? Marcus Aurelius said don’t think why things are the way they are. Fair enough. But why don’t we think instead on how we can remedy or totally eradicate those elements ?

A lot of people think society needs to change. Social structure needs to change. That’s where thinking stops. Few want to change things because they can. Very few think what it needs to be changed to and how it is to be done. Even fewer go ahead and actually do it.

Sigh. Why ??

Why is not where we should stop. The solution is where we should begin. Change is what we should bring in. And no, we should not stop. Nowhere. At nothing.

The topic might be random, but this article isn’t. I did not blabber for the heck of it. So spare me the sarcasm and skepticism.