InstallASound – Sound Shield for Arduino

Hello guys !

A little while ago, the amazing folks at Wyolum announced the Wyolum Innovation Grant. Hardware takes time, money and material to prototype, build and test, and these factors are often an hurdle for independent inventors who don’t have access to huge pools of resources. This grant provides funds 100% open-source hardware projects so that ideas / projects / prototypes in various stages of creation can progress further. What the inventor gets out of it is a chance to further their work with the help of the funds, and what the community gets is open sourced designs of hardware that they can emulate (or buy), as well as a knowledge base that is created out of the experimentation and testing that is carried out towards these products.

Well, as a part of my work and wanderings, I have come across quite a few cool projects, and those gave me an idea for a few more. Reading about the Wyolum grant inspired me to pitch in a proposal to convert one such dream project into a reality.

The need :
A wide audience uses Arduino for prototyping, experimentation, automation and other applications. There are a lot of sensors and actuators out there, as well as a lot of shields. However, one thing I did not easily find was a way to add sound to projects. Having talked to quite a few people, I found that there weren’t shields that were readily available locally, nor cheap enough. The few options that do exist either do too much (and thus add to the cost), or too little (cannot play MP3), or are just plain costly.

The idea :
The idea is simple. I wish to prototype, test and make available a Sound Shield for Arduino. It does not attempt to do much, just enough. The objectives are simple :

1. It lets you easily add sound (compressed formats too) to your project
2. It must be cost-effective

The Features :
1. Output from a 3.5mm Audio Jack
2. Commonly and easily available components to be used so you can source and build locally
3. Volume Control
4. Optional hardware control (play, pause, next) buttons on the shield
5. Software library

Here’s my entry :

And here’s the video I made for it :

Can you help me ?

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Thank you, and I hope to create this soon ! 🙂