A Parliament of another sort (more practical too)

Disclaimer : Before you read on, be aware that these opinions are not my own but rather of a personality imagined up by a warped mind. I am not responsible for any emotional trauma or distress arising out of reading this article and I write this for the sole purpose of imaginative humour. You may however thank me if you find it enjoyable.


There are 3 broad categories of people and each of these categories forms a parliamentary party :


Also known as the cool ones, these guys currently run the affairs (literally and otherwise). They like to be called “playas” and would enjoy nothing more than chilling out with a beer at some groovy discotheque. They understand little of what each of the other parties ( geeks, nerds,gals etc.) are upto but they more than make up for it by their diplomacy.There is a continuous power struggle going on between members of the Ruling Party and the Third Front (Gals) as they each threaten to disrupt proceedings. The relationship between these two parties is bitter sweet, with each soliciting each other’s support in times of crisis as well threatening to take off the legs of the chair in relatively peaceful times.

2.The Geeks (OPPOSITION) :

These are the intellectually superior class , but they often lack common sense. They are unable to attain success mainly because of their fanatical involvement in their own affairs or showing support/opposition to one another rather than gang up on the Ruling Party members. It has been well documented that most of the Opposition members have had “homely” ties with the Ruling Party members. The Opposition members perpetually endeavour to solicit the support of the Third Front, but results are generally disappointing because of their lack of diplomacy and the fact that they do not take out the Third Front leaders out to dinner as often as they would like.

3.The Gals (The Third Front) :

These are the game changers. One moment they support you, the other they don’t. Members of the Third Front have been known to cause the downfall of many a great leader. They command respect from both the Ruling Party ( mainly because of their threats to withdraw support) as well as the Opposition ( which is forever pining for their support). Their moods fluctuate predict unpredictably, which is one of the sources of their power. That their egos must be satisfied is an undeniable fact. One known way of doing this is by granting them positions of power (no matter how frivolous they sound).

Besides these, there is an emerging party of the minorities ( the nerds, the misfits etc.) but we’ll come to that some other time.

Note : The Third Front and The Ruling Party both claim to be the ruling party, the Ruling Party because they have a strong hold and the the Third Front because their support is absolutely essential for running a Government.

P.S. This post has been possible because of an intellectually stimulating and highly amusing debate with a very good friend. A big Thank you  😀   !!

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