A Thought

A constant thought at the back of my mind
Keeps nudging me on
Finding me hidden pools of strength
Long given up as gone
Itrudge along this weary road
Having freed myself of the wearisome load
Of troubled times long past
This one thought pushes me along
Bolstering me where I falter,makingme strong
It whispers in my ears to hold fast
This one thought
A thought,not just a thought
A master piece with loving hands wrought
Symbolises all that I cherish
Stands for all that I loved and sought
This thought of coming home,to you
An eternal beacon that pulls me
This one thought of being home,home in your heart
Makes me go on,no matter how many miles apart..
Reminisciences made,I wake with a start,
There are still many miles to go,I’ll now have to start…