And we go on…..

This one would have been apt for AFTER the exams…but anyways,here goes…

AND WE GO ON . . .

Sometimes the gain
Doesn’t seem worth the pain
You see no end to strife
How very troublesome is life
But not everyone succeeds at first try
Even those who DO, don’t know why
But don’t lie lamenting over a fall
Rise quick and stand tall
Just learn from your loss
Get up and show ’em who’s the boss
Don’t despair
No deed is beyond repair
Pick up the pieces
Put them together
Learn from them and THEN brave the weather
Don’t fear what the others have got to say
They wouldn’t taunt if THEY knew the way
Drown out the screams
Follow your dreams
Don’t fear the darkness
Just look out for a gleam
Rope walking over an abyss is no ball
But then,those who are down need fear no fall
Be anxious, not afraid when the darkness grows
Just follow your heart, because your heart KNOWS
Don’t worry if you’ll make it through
Just make sure YOU know your heart is true !!

Right ??