Back again…

I had hated to leave,
Not knowing if I would be back,not knowing when
Then why does it feel so strange
Being back home again ?

Much has changed
But is it me or is it my world ?
The path once so straight
It seems,has twisted and twirled

Bewildered as to where my loyalties lie
Now knowing what I want,and why
Foggy dregs are now all that I see
In what I once thought was my cup of tea

Why do I feel I am running on empty,
Why am I famished in the midst of plenty ?
At times I hear a faint call
Lost among confused voices,behind a high wall

I remember now,parting did not pain
Then why am I uneasy
Now that I am back again…

One thought on “Back again…

  1. u expresss sooooooo welll… I luvd it!!!
    deh is endless depth to dis one!!!…

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