For all the people who like to have a lot of choices to select from…

A study has shown that keeping a lot of options open is IRRATIONAL and is not at all in the best interests of the individual.Even the smartest minds at MIT failed to realise this , an experiment has shown.
The students were asked to play a door game,where they had to open one of three doors to gain a certain number of points.The aim of the game was to gain the maximum number of points,with a certain fixed number of clicks.
The condition was that the doors would shrink slowly if you did not click on them.The study found that even though many of the students had hit upon the right door with the highest points, they kept wasting clicks on the other doors,just to keep them open !! This resulted in a substantial reduction in their performance.
So,it might actually be WISE to burn your bridges so you can’t turn back !!

You can play the game by clicking here.

Moral of the story : Keeping your options open is not a very smart choice after all !!