Take a pool of car parts.
– Visualizing how the parts fit,work well,and look good is design.
– Putting them all together is engineering.
– Modifying the parts to make the car cheaper and faster is innovation.

Most of us when working on our projects always end up concentrating only on “engineering”, and neglect the other two aspects.And it is those very aspects of product design we neglect that end up “screwing up” everything,as we call it.

Also,as always, I must talk point-wise.I blame engineering for this condition.

1. Design lets you have a broad idea of how to go about things, before actually doing them.
It can give you an idea of what difficulties you could encounter, or how things might be moved
around to give different or better results.

2. A good design is vital in making a product look good and sell well. If you don’t design your product well, it is just going
to look like a lot of things stuffed into a box,for no apparent rhyme or reason.And face it,a stuffed box isn’t what anyone is going to pay for.
Design helps differentiate your product from the others, and design is what will determine its appeal to your audience.

3. Design is important for documentation and business purposes. The idea you have when you make a product might not be apparent to someone else,
so it always helps to have the design handy when you want to transfer your idea to someone else. And it is always easier to find someone to fund you
when you have a design or a plan to show instead of the verbal “Its so simple, I can do it !! “

So what exactly do I mean by a design ?
It can be anything from a sketch,block diagram, flow chart, user interface,product appearance or anything that counts as a diagram. How come ?
Because a design is an aid to visualisation and conceptualisation, not a document to be turned it.If it expresses your idea,it works.

A design is an explanation of your idea.If you cannot explain an idea, the idea cannot live.
So the next time you work on any project of yours, make sure you have a design ready.

P.S. : Yes, that’s correct. I like one word titles and point-wise discussions.

I know, I know. These long gaps are becoming a bad habit, and must go.

This is a short piece on “Design” I wrote inspired from what I learnt at the MIT ML Design and Innovation Workshop. This is the first one in the series of at least three posts (I hope). Do leave your comments.

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  1. I heard a prof from IIT say once – (paraphrased) A design is not something that comes up on its own. You do it by design!

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