Dont You Facebook Quiz Me or …

Its been quite a while since Facebook introduced quizzes on its network to make some money. Fair enough. Its been quite a while since I had to tolerate my friends taking all sorts of weird quizzes, like “What kind of a vampire are you ?” (which was quite subtle compared to some others I have seen). Since Facebook was a good tool, I waited. Its been quite a while since they introduced those privacy features wherein I could block those stupid quizzes. Not very nice, considering I had to block each one day every time I logged in, but I did it. I tolerated the results of some of the stupidest,most pointless and the most irritating quizzes my friends took. I laughed at some results, jeered at the others and simply ignored the rest. Life’s cool.

Then today I decided to see how stupid these quizzes could really get.

Facebook quizzes are the worst thing to happen ever.

The quiz I took was seemingly innocent for that matter. It invited me to find out “WHAT TYPE OF AN ENGINEER ARE YOU ?? ” Well, I said, it can’t be that stupid. So I began.

1st Question : My favourite subject. I answered IEEE 101. Fair enough. Expected question.

That’s it. The END. Finis !! Khatam !! Khallas !! That was the end of any relevancy which existed in the quiz as well any patience I had left in me.

2nd Question : What kind of a car do you drive ? Bloody idiot, I don’t drive !! (Not an option !!)

3rd Question : What country would you like to work in ? Losers, what’s that got to do with what kind of an engineer I am !!

4th Question : What are the most important characteristics of an engineer ? Looks,Character,Smarts,Strength ? Duh !! I could never get it right !! I always thought the answer was laziness !!

5th Question : How many languages do you speak ? And the options included 1.5 and 2.5 !! Dumb asses !!

6th Question : Who is your pick of these sports ? Ooooo !! So smart !! You thought I would answer it correctly so that you would find out what type of engineer I am, huh ? GET LOST !!

7th Question : ON A SCALE OF ONE TO FIVE HOW IMPORTANT IS ENGINEERING TO YOU ? Its not important at all to me. I am just doing it because I don’t wanna sit at home all day and help out Mom with daily chores. BRAINLESS VEGETABLE OF A QUIZ MAKER !!

Apart from how frustrating, pointless and irrelevant these questions are, the sad part is that millions of people take these stupid quizzes everyday !! I know people who only play quizzes on Facebook .. Its fun they say… Yeah, its fun alright if you call a dentist poking your eye to see if you need root canal treatment funGet a life, guys !!

Another thing I noticed was that apart from the 1st question, the other 6 questions would have made perfect sense in a market survey of some sort. I am not weaving conspiracy theories here, but it just might be possible that they ARE actually market survey questions that some unscrupulous developer is trying to push in.

These quizzes waste your time asking stupid questions, they waste your friends’ time if you invite them and still waste some more time even if they block them. I am not being harsh, just practical. Not everyone wants to see how many and which stupid quizzes you have taken. If you want to take them, fine…Go ahead…But don’t publish them in your feeds…No one wants to login to his Facebook homepage early in the morning to wake up to read “Find out at what age you will lose your hair“.

And think twice before you invite ME to take a quiz !!

My kindest regards to all of you reading this. Its nothing personal. I just hate these stupid quizzes, that’s all.