Every day, a new page….

Somehow life seems to be like a looking glass
Every day a new study
As I watch, mute spectator, stuck fast
Each day plays itself, whizzing past
I feel it all, but only some memories will last

I laugh at many a joke and smile at many a friend
But only a few precious faces and their smiles,
Are going to last till the end
Exhilarated congratulations, remembered only momentarily,
A small pat on the back means more to me
A sweet subtle smile is all that will make me last beyond the bend
Words might express what is felt,and I don’t want that
Because when I look into those deep eyes,
I’ll feel those feelings no words could have said

Friendships will be kept and acquaintances too,
But none as cherished,as valued as those precious few
Not those who cheered me and moved on,
As much as those who stayed behind,
Who shared my silence,
Who knew the tempests going on in my mind
Those who stayed behind to pick up the pieces
Put them together and make good the cracks

Somehow life seems a looking glass
Every day seems a new page
As I sit writing, I’ll still have felt it all
But not everything will find a mention