For You

Here are a couple of poems I wrote :

Eyes dark as the black of the night
With a hidden glint like a thundering streak of light
A graciously beautiful guileless face
With hair curling over like tickly waves

A nimble spirit that cannot be bound
With feet firmly rooted to ground
Intricately crafted yet amazingly simple
Like the torrentous tempest within the gentle ripple

Innocent mischief runs deep in your voice
Your talk a carnival of colourful exuberant noise
Like the time it first starts raining

A gentle soul,a golden heart
Of the world, but a world apart
I don’t know what life has in store beyond the bend
But I am truly glad to have you as a friend.

The innocent waves curling at the shore
Bring to mind that sprightly hair
Aphrodite’s beauty proclaimed by all folklore
Is but an allusion to your visage,so fair
Your cheeks rosy like an apple
Who wouldn’t want to bite,
Your smile divine,your grace so simple
Would make a blind man see broad daylight
A voice so melodious,one can never have enough
A heart that infatuates the toughest of the tough
A gem of a person
A geniune friend
Straight from heaven
You are godsend

But so much time has passed,
Beauty,since I saw you last
All too often rises an urge above all the noise
An urge to hear your sweet,heart-warming voice
A desire to hear you talk
And a wish for you to never stop
I pray to God
I pray to see you soon
And make it so that I have you always,
Just like I have the moon