Hello Arduino India !

The past year has been an amazing one. Driving two projects from scratch to readiness over the course of a year, at MediaLab Amsterdam let me live in lively Amsterdam and hop to quite a few cities over Europe. The travel and living apart, the experience has been spectacular ; lots of brilliance encountered, people met, lessons learnt, blinkers taken down and eye-openings experienced. It has been a stellar year, it has been good. A big thank you to everybody at MediaLab who worked with and around me, and those who were around, for making all that happen.

Well, the year is out, and here I am back in Mumbai. But not entirely without reason. A little while ago, I happened to strike up a conversation. As the nature of things and conversations goes, things got heated up, one thing led to another, some decisions were made. And, as such things tend to go, it brought me back to India. With what promise ? An interesting challenge, a chance to make a difference. What am I going on about ?
Here’s a little something that I sketched up in anticipation ( and excitement ; ) )

I join the team at Arduino India starting Monday, the 7th. I am moving to Bengaluru for this, and think of it as the beginning of even more awesome times ahead. What am I going to do there ? What is the work like ? What is the team like ? What do we aim to do at Arduino India ? Like the plug goes,”Watch this space for more” ; )

P.S. If you are in Bengaluru this Sunday (6th October), do drop by to say hello and strike up a conversation (awesomeness on offer ; ) ) at the Arduino India booth at this event —> : Electronics Rocks 2013