Making a Hardware Product – Some notes

This is not a rant or definitive guide or advisory or anything else. These are just my observations and notes, noted as and when I come across something that is important. Hope it is useful to others, though it wasn’t written with any special care to help that.

– Keep track of the components used, especially critical ones. Long term support is absolutely essential for products that you expect to be making / using for the long term, and you’ll find yourself in a very bad place if the parts that you are using currently stop being manufactured a year down the line because of manufacturing / technological trends changing.

– As far as possible, try to maintain pin-to-pin compatibility between parts. Most reputable manufacturers will guarantee this, but if you have a choice between having this option and breaking compatibility, by all means keep the option open. It will save you a complete overhaul of your circuit design and a discard of your hardware that was on the assembly line waiting to be deployed.