MHT-CET 2009 Results

The MHT-CET results are out today (actually yesterday night at around 1 am, because they always manage to mess up somehow,but they rectified the mess and made it unavailable again early in the morning at around 9am till 10 am).

Click here to view the result
Click here to view the top 100 students

Having already been through this phase and having not much interesting stuff to do, I decided to go through the results to have an estimate as to what juniors I might get at VJTI. Here are my observations :

1. Mumbai, Mumbai Suburban and Thane together have 55 or so toppers among the top hundred

2. A fair number of them are Gujjus. ( No implications, just an observation 😉 )

3. The toppers from Agrawal Classes in HSC have yet again made it to the top in the MHT CET

4. The top-100 closed this time at 191 as opposed to 193 effectively last time.

5. The last rank given to a guy at 196 was 46 last time whereas it is 18 this time. This means that the density of students at the very top is less. This probably, not necessarily means that the density below (after and around 192/191) maybe be higher. However, I expect cut-offs to go down by at least 1 or 2 marks this time.

6. As last time, the number of people in the top 100 from the reserved category are less. This effectively means that more people from this category will get a better chance to get into the most desired institutes.

Finally, for those wanting to getting into or knowing about VJTI, let me tell you that all the bad press VJTI got recently about losing autonomy is very biased and prejudiced, written by one and only one reporter. There were management concerns expressed, but I think this presentation here effectively puts them to rest.

Details for admission to Autonomous Institutes here
Last year’s cut-offs for Autonomous Institutes (2008-2009) here


Hope to see some of you around in VJTI 🙂

10 thoughts on “MHT-CET 2009 Results

  1. hi….i just wanted to know if i will get comp science in vjti with a score of 188 through girl's quota or in general….please reply soon…thank u

  2. Getting in the general quota is almost impossible.
    There is a fairly strong chance of getting in through the girls' quota since it closed at 189 last year and i expect the cut-offs might go down by 1 or 2 marks this year.
    Keep your hopes up, but be prepared.
    All the best with the admission procedure.

  3. can you please estimate and tell cutoff marks for uict for cet2009in open category for chemical eng/oils

  4. @siddhesh The cut-offs don't change drastically…They will be at most 1 or 2 marks lower than last years. I have put up a link to last year's cut-off list at the bottom of the post.

  5. Hi, how much marks should one secure to get admission into uict B.chem .
    plz tell the approximate mark in both CET and aieee

  6. Hiee Ankit…
    I just wanted to knw if i m having 98 percentile & seeking the adim. for MCA @ VJTI, will i get admision?
    What is the cut off of last time?
    How much the quota for Girls?
    Plzzzzz. reply early….


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