Stock Brokerage Charges : Fun(?) with numbers

I plotted the various charges that you would incur if you were to make equity transactions on Zerodha against the trade value. Below are the numbers and a graph.

Based on the data, I could see that Zerodha has pretty competitive rates for trade values exceeding 10k.

Ping me at if you see any issues with the data or the math !

I made some simplifying assumptions to fix an upper-bound to the charges. I am listing them below :

  • Transaction charges differ between NSE and BSE, I assumed 0.00325% (NSE charges) as they were the higher of the two
  • Stamp charges are calculated according to rates in Maharashtra
  • Since you need to add funds to your account to be able to buy equity on Zerodha, fund loading charges (Rs. 9 + taxes) have been added, assuming they will be incurred on every transaction.
  • DP charges are only applicable on selling as per the Zerodha website, but I have assumed they are applicable on both buying and selling
  • I have assumed that charges on buying and selling are equal. They are actually a little lower when you are buying.
  • I have assumed DP charges will be applicable on every transaction. They are actually levied once per scrip per day, regardless of how many transactions you do on that script