Bangalore Needs Change

Travelling in Bangalore isn’t a piece of cake. Not at all. You’ve got to brave traffic, pothole-ridden roads, some very-very inconsiderate bus conductors (who will either pocket the difference or ask you to disembark), jampacked buses that make you feel like you are in a fevicol ad, and almost every other rickshaw-driver trying to earn as much as they can from every single passenger (I wonder why, the conspiracy theorist in me thinks that they do this so that they can go home at 9.30pm too and contribute to the lack of public transport here).

Sure every city has these, you would argue. Which is also why I shall not go into those. But there is another problem which is really irksome.  BANGALORE NEEDS CHANGE ! LITERALLY !


Not to sound overly dramatic, but this has been a really annoyance. I have had delivery boys and shopkeepers who won’t return change, bus conductors who have written “balance amount” on my tickets and I have had to disembark without it because they did not “have change” when it was my stop, and rickshaw drivers who won’t return change (often, they deal in just denominations of 50, and anything else, they treat it as change, to be pocketed). Seeing that I didn’t have change, and no one in the buses seems to have any, where is all the change ?! Where is all the change going !?

My question, dear reader, if you happen to be able to answer this, or if you happen to be able to question with me is, WHERE is the change ?

P.S. If this seems to you as trivial, frivolous, attention-seeking etc. , well then we probably have different sensibilities, and I am not aspiring nor claiming to everyone’s sensibilities