After a pretty long wait, the 3Doodler turned up in the mail today !

Of course, you can’t lose any time getting started with it, so I opened up all the tutorials I could find so I could get started drawing. Getting started was easy enough, with the biggest problem being the question : “What to draw first ?”

Well, I got it soon enough. I should make myself a pair of cool shades / safety goggles to show off / work with. So I grabbed myself a pair of shades, sketched an outline (to ensure good fit), fired up the pen, and got started. The first results are below !

3DG Glasses

Using the pen is fairly straightforward, you just have to keep drawing. Adding “finishing” touches so as not to leave strands dangling can get tricky, and I guess I’ll have to learn how to finish the strokes smoothly. It will also take a little time getting used to the flow of plastic to avoid the wavy and thicker lines in some places.  Also, the tip gets really hot (like a soldering iron), so be careful !

That said though, it is totally cool to be able to draw your wireframes or objects in 3D, it’s like taking things to a whole new dimension (quite literally !). I’m off to figure out what to do next, keep watching 😉