The elusive Port 25

All those who are trying to send email using the email servers of their local service providers will know the frustration that accompanies this problem.

I have been trying to use my local ISP’s smtp server since a long time, but always failed to connect to it. In addition, my ISP had shut off all ports (a port is just a communication channel) except port 25 for email purposes. I was in a fix….However hard I tried, I just couldn’t it to work…

Destination net unreachable, unable to connect were the words of death…I spent a whole day behind it,and after a few minor corrections on the ISP’s part and one on mine, I could get it to work…

The problem in most cases should be elementary…Windows XP has blocked connections on port 25…To know if this is so, just try to connect to any adress of your local ISP…If you cant connect to any of them , or get no reply other than “Destination net unreachable”, then port 25 is most likely blocked…

Here’s how to fix it…
1. Go to Control Panel
2. Click on Windows Firewall
3. Select the “Exceptions” tab
4. Click on add port
5. Name the exception whatever you like
6. In the port number box, enter 25.

This should do the trick.

If not, then there is some other problem and you will have to go back and keep on reading all those complicated technical replies in Google search.