To Do

Here’s a small to-do list that won’t be that easy to tick off :
1. Explore: What you do other than your academics is what will set you apart from the rest.
Intern. Take up interesting projects. Engage in social service. Explore your options. Familiarize yourself with all trades. Mastering one is the norm.
2. Diversify: Your branch of engineering is all you HAVE to do. It’s not all that you SHOULD do.
Broaden your horizons. Don’t just engineer. Innovate. Manage. The more the faces to the diamond, the higher it’s value.
3. Design: No one wants to see oily gears or messed up circuits. The design and interface are what make products sell. Spend time on user interface design. A lot of stuff works well, but very little of that looks good while doing it.
4. Network: Find like minded people. Find the ones with the wacky ideas, and the ones with clear concepts too. 
Helping people helps you. Look outside college too. There’s a whole wide world waiting out there. It’s that world you have to conquer, so better know your allies and competition too.
5. Speak Up: No matter what someone tells you, you’ve got to ensure people know what you’re all about. Speaking up is important, not only to make sure you’re taken seriously but also to ensure that you get the right opportunities.
Have you begun yet ?
This was a small piece I wrote for my college newsletter, V.J News.
You can view the complete online edition here :

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