Way2SMS : Simply awesome !!

I am quite freaky about my email and like to check into my mailbox every hour or so. Now, I do not have a Blackberry and my service provider does not provide me with an email notification service. So what I used to do was use GPRS to check my email, which was quite fussy, with me having to open my mobile browser,go to my email homepage etc.

Recently, I was searching for a convenient alternative when I came across “Way2SMS” which provides exactly what I was looking for : free SMS notifications as soon as new email arrives !! Awesome !!

How it works :
I sign up for a Way2SMS account, they ask me what user id I prefer ( its something like your_id@way2sms.com), fill up your number and some minor details and your account is ready !! Then you go to settings, and in the SMS tab and activate mail notifications. Simple !! Awesome !!

Now,all you have to do is forward a copy of your email ( from whichever email ID you use) to your way2sms id and you are done…Every time you get an email, you get notified on your cell phone.Plus, they also let you chat on your GTalk and Yahoo! ids from within their dashboard, pretty decent mp3 ringtones,an address book, quick SMS and Group SMS. Their SMS feature also beats SMSGupshup because they allow you to send SMS upto 110 characters and unlike SMSGupshup, all of my messages till now have neither been delayed or lost.

The only catch I found in Way2SMS was that they require you to activate your email notification setting every 7 days, otherwise it is automatically deactivated.I understand its a way to make sure users keep coming back and not forget about it, but I am sure they will be able to work out a better way.

Ok, to sum it up, here’s what I loved about it :

  • Instant SMS updates (they claim 10 secs. and deliver too) on receiving email
  • Usable with any email service that lets you forward email,even official IDs
  • Customisable,in case you want to receive only specific updates
  • You can select what time and days you prefer to receive notifications
  • You can select to receive notifications only from your contacts
  • They do not serve ads at the end of email notifications (not yet,anyways)
  • You can notify recipients on their mobile when you send them email (!!!)

I hope they carry on the good work !! Kudos, guys !!

Disclaimer : This is NOT a paid review. All views expressed here are my own.